Life Moves On

It’s been a busy few months, to put things mildly!  Not a single thing went as planned this year.  Not the weather (we were forecast to have a hot dry summer….we got cool and VERY wet)  Not the harvest….Harvest is usually done by the end of September….we just started at the END of September.  Not… Read more »

Grace on a giant scale!

I just finished this painting and called it “The Ugly Ducklings”  I always liked that story, and the young swans definitely would not win any beauty prizes, but grow into the most beautiful of birds. It was an interesting challenge to get the glow of light on the feathers of the Mother.  The white was bright to… Read more »

You never know unless you try…

I was juried into the artist guild of “American Artists Professional League” This week!   I’m very honoured to have  made it in.  I was not sure they would, because it is based in traditional realism work.  I mostly work in wildlife, and while I think it is realism, not all people think that way.  This… Read more »

Can’t Believe I got it!!

Well another Art Without Borders Art Festival has come to an end for this year.  We had a good time and had good attendance to all of the venues, and given recent weather…Good weather!!   For my part, (I chair the Juried Art Show)  We had beautiful art work that drew a lot of  positive comments… Read more »

Problems…and one of those days!

Did you ever have one of those days… you know the ones, where you wonder what the heck you are doing?  Well, on this latest painting, it was like my brain had taken a leave of absence and forgot to let me know about it! I’ve painted water a dozen times.  Never had a problem, but… Read more »

Using time to learn about yourself

To the left is my latest accomplishment, and it is a prime example of using time to learn about oneself.  I am working on another painting that I am doing in oil, not my usual mode of operation.  Usually it is one painting at a time, but I was on a roll and did not… Read more »

Back, refreshed and Inspired!

Maui is definitely a place to recharge your batteries!  So many things to see and do, that are totally relaxing.  We went whale watching (for the third time! and actually saw them this time!!!!)  We went with the Pacific Whale Foundation’s expedition as the funds go towards whale research and the naturalist on board gave… Read more »

Recharging batteries is always good!

You know, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to take off on a trip…I was in the painting groove and have a busy schedule that was all coming to a head; but despite all of that…I’m glad I went. I can’t say that going to a desert was really high up on my “to do… Read more »

Getting your head into the next project

I’ve heard of artists working on more than one piece at a time.  I envy them!  It would definitely prevent overload on a particular project, especially if you are having troubles. Unfortunately, I am not one of those artists.  I guess I’m a little too anal for that.  So for me it is one piece… Read more »