Using time to learn about yourself

To the left is my latest accomplishment, and it is a prime example of using time to learn about oneself.  I am working on another painting that I am doing in oil, not my usual mode of operation.  Usually it is one painting at a time, but I was on a roll and did not want to waste time waiting for paint to dry.  So this little guy was a time filler.  It was also an experiment in : “How Small can you go?”  and still get detail you like.  Really a personal challenge to myself.  I found I could go small, but need larger to give my hand a break.  It was fun doing it, used time to good purpose, and made me realize that yes, I am anal retentive and am proud of it.  It showed me I was far happier doing my detail that I like to do, than try to be “looser” as the art elite like to direct us.  So I learned a lesson about myself, and will go forward with it.  As to the little guy…It is a 7 x 5 inch picture of fall hawthorn berries.  Cedar Waxwings love them, as do other birds.  Great Wildlife draw.  Oh yes!  I also used to time to scope out other art shows and competitions I might like to look into!  Multitasking….gotta love it!
Till next time.

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