Purchase information-

I find that most people when they purchase artwork, like to have a one of a kind if possible; and if they buy a print, they would prefer that not every other person has the same one.

To that end, I only make 20 copies of my art work.  There are two exceptions.  “Catnap” was a paper edition and has 300 copies, and “Majestic” which has 500 copies and is also a paper edition.  These two were my first attempt at print making.

I find now that a canvass giclee is far superior, in that the inks are guaranteed for 100 years, and they have a finish on them that further protects the image for a further 100 years.  This is also a cheaper product for customers to frame.  There is no need for matts or glass with a canvass giclee.  If stretched they can be hung as is (the edges are color finished) or can be framed.  If bought flat, they can be stretched by a framer and framed, again with no glass or matt.

You can order a giclee in what ever size you like,  though some may not be the exact size you may want due to limitations that the original’s size puts on the sizing process.  However, regardless of the sizes requested, ONLY 20 copies of the image are made in total.


Flat = $0.50 per square inch

Stretched = $0.75 per square inch       eg. an 8 x 10 stretched giclee would cost $60.00