Well It is awhile since the Cataracts

Nature Landscapes of Canada

I thought I would do an update as to how I am faring with my cataract free eyesight.  I now have my new glasses as I mentioned several posts ago.  Still are fine with them.
Have I noticed any problems since the surgery?  Not really.  My eyes still get tired, but in some ways that may not be a bad thing.  I tend to be a tunnel vision sort, and won’t stop something till I am forced to.  So my eyes getting tired is actually a way to save them.
How do I see things?
Very well still.  Because I am no longer looking through a haze, I find that I can “see” the lighting on things much more clearly.  This then results in my being able to work through a photo reference much better, by this I mean:
Photos tend to really have dark shadows, and blown out lights.  Now I am seeing light better, I can paint the proper values for these areas much more easily.

As you can see, details are hard to see in this photo

So, am I still glad I had the surgery?  You bet I am!
Till next time
Happy painting!

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