Problems…and one of those days!

Did you ever have one of those days… you know the ones, where you wonder what the heck you are doing?  Well, on this latest painting, it was like my brain had taken a leave of absence and forgot to let me know about it!
I’ve painted water a dozen times.  Never had a problem, but yesterday…Water?  How do you do that?  Actually the problem with the water I’m doing now is more the fact that it is very dark, and has low light on it so no sparkles to help make it go into the distance.  This time I have to use colour temperature to do the job.  Not as easy as you would think with green water!  I ended up throwing colours into it that were not there, but which seemed to do the trick.  Added warmer colours to the foreground  (raw sienna and olive green) and cooler ones to the back ground (ultramarine blue and raw umber). Just for extra kicks I also threw in some pthalo green, paynes grey and some alizarin crimson.  Those helped to make the dark streaks I needed to suggest the slight ripples that the birds were making in the water.  Need to walk away and work on another painting before I will say that it was a total success.  So far though, the verdict is holding. If you hear a scream, you will know it did not work…but I think you are safe!
Until later,

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