Can’t Believe I got it!!

Well another Art Without Borders Art Festival has come to an end for this year.  We had a good time and had good attendance to all of the venues, and given recent weather…Good weather!!   For my part, (I chair the Juried Art Show)  We had beautiful art work that drew a lot of  positive comments on the quality of the work on display.  The surprising part for me though, was that I won Best Of Show!  The picture at the left is my prize winner, called “Fall Hawthorn”.  I was honoured and pleased about winning, but a tad uncomfortable.  I knew, and the jurors knew, it was on the up and up, but my being the chair and the one who fund raised the prize money; it just did not sit well with me to keep the money.  So I donated it back to the Festival Society.  I’m much happier now.  I also disqualified my work from people’s choice, when I heard the comments about my entries. (It sounded like I would win that too, so I set about changing that by discouraging people from my pieces)  Never was a person so pleased to come 2nd and 3rd for an award with only one place!
The winner of People’s Choice Award was Jocelyn Duchek from Amisk Alberta, for her image “Evening Reflections”, and the Avalon Emerging Artist Award went to Karen Pedersen of Edmonton Alberta, for her image “Shiny Things”.  The images from the show are on the Festival Website at:   Take a look at the wonderful art we had on display.  Now I can rest for a bit, then I’m getting ready for the summer Art tour I’m part of, and Organizer of; The Wildrose Trail which runs July 24, 25 and 26th from 10am until 8pm.  This is a self guided road trip tour of various area artisans and home industry.
Well, I’m off to sit in a COMFORTABLE chair and just relax.
Have a great evening all! Until next time.

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