You never know unless you try…

I was juried into the artist guild of “American Artists Professional League” This week!   I’m very honoured to have  made it in.  I was not sure they would, because it is based in traditional realism work.  I mostly work in wildlife, and while I think it is realism, not all people think that way.  This group is a branch of the Salmagundi Club in New York.  ( ) They have been instrumental in raising artist paint composition standards and have championed the American artist for american projects so well, they have made it a fact of life.  The caliber of work of the members is a little imtimidating, but puts you on your best game.  Nothing like seeing the best to inspire a person to better themsleves.
So, as the saying goes…”Nothing ventured, nothing gained”  I would never have known what level my work is getting to unless I had tried.  So my advice to others would be, give it a try, and you may be surprised by what happens.  If not, well,  you tried, and that is more than many people do.
Till next time.


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