Back, refreshed and Inspired!

Maui is definitely a place to recharge your batteries!  So many things to see and do, that are totally relaxing.  We went whale watching (for the third time! and actually saw them this time!!!!)  We went with the Pacific Whale Foundation’s expedition as the funds go towards whale research and the naturalist on board gave us lots of really cool information.  For example… did you know whale milk was the consistency of toothpaste?  When you think about it it actually make sense!  I wondered how the babies would get the milk while underwater.  We were lucky and actually saw a baby that road his mother’s nose and back when he was tired.  It was so cute.  There were two males having a show off session for a female as well, and they made for a spectacular sighting.  We saw them off shore from our hotel too….still at it.  Boys will be boys no matter their stripes!
There was lots of painting inspiration as well, and I can’t wait to get to it.  Unfortunately, the real world intrudes and year end has to be done, the tax man has to have his share you know.  Still, I have my Maui memories to fall back on!
Till next time.

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