Carving out time can be done!

Life can definitely be busy, especially if you are married, have kids, a job, a husband who works from home, and you still try and paint.  My personal opinion is that it is even tougher for female artists to carve out time to do what they love, because socially and practically it is usually her… Read more »

Getting Validation that you are on the Right Track!

Painting can be a lonely business at times. You paint because you love too, or are compelled to, or a combination of both. However a person does worry if they are going about things in a manner that is always getting better. You wonder how you are viewed by other artists, or if you should… Read more »

A Note to self for Next Time!

Wildlife Paintings of Alberta

I have been painting long enough now, that you would think that I would remember a few basics!  I’ll blame it on being too busy, but I did manage to forget an important detail. If you have visited my website ( ) you will have noticed I am a bit of a detail freak.  I… Read more »

Working the kinks out

I think I mentioned before that antlers are as individual as hands. Well after consulting with friends, hunters, the Internet, and my own observations; I ended up using my hands as models for 3/4 view antlers. Some things I learned about antlers…Whitetail antlers at least…even a trophy set of antlers have two little guys up… Read more »

Making a painting to spec!

Who knew that when I offered to make a painting for my Son’s wedding, the challenges it would present! My first clue should have been when I got the answer to…”What do you want in it?” Answer…”A Doe and a Buck (with really large antlers), a fall scene, water, trees, the deer on a rise,… Read more »