Making a painting to spec!

Who knew that when I offered to make a painting for my Son’s wedding, the challenges it would present! My first clue should have been when I got the answer to…”What do you want in it?”
Answer…”A Doe and a Buck (with really large antlers), a fall scene, water, trees, the deer on a rise, sunset, fall lighting, and they threw a combine in just for good measure! I drew the line at the combine; but to fit it all together so they would like it and so would I? Wow!
Took ages to come up with something that they would like and that I wanted to paint. Finally did though, but let me tell you, I know more about Whitetail Deer antlers, than I care to know.
Did you know that when you really get looking they are as individual as people’s hands? I didn’t, but do now. Some are narrow and point up, some are wide and elegant, some are between the two. It goes on and on.
I’m about 3/4 done now and have finally started on the Buck. I procrastinated big time on that. Total by gosh and by golly as all my reference photos were of doe deer, or antlerless bucks!
Getting there though. Above is the early stages of this challenge. We’ll see how the next stages go!

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