Getting your head into the next project

I’ve heard of artists working on more than one piece at a time.  I envy them!  It would definitely prevent overload on a particular project, especially if you are having troubles.
Unfortunately, I am not one of those artists.  I guess I’m a little too anal for that.  So for me it is one piece at a time.  My problem is getting my head out of the last one, to start the next one.
I find that I need to put the finished one out of site; otherwise I am constantly checking it out looking for goofs to fix.  It is definitely a case of “out of sight is out of mind”
At any rate, I have started my next one.  Two cute little kit fox.  Their expression was priceless and they were so cute, it demanded a picture.  These guys were in a den in the ditch, about 5 of them in total.  They were really friendly (much to their mom’s dismay I imagine)  They made for easy “photo ops”.  Got lots of shots.  Good thing as their Mom moved them about 2 weeks later.
I’m hoping I can capture their facial expressions, which really makes the picture I have in my head.
Till next time.

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