Welcome to 2011!

Well, the next decade has started.  Hard to believe as it flew by so fast.  Makes a person wonder if they have enough time to do all that they want to do in their lives.  For myself, I think I would need about 3 lifetimes to fit in everything I want to do in just this life.  Problem is, I’m sure that in the other lifetimes I would come up with more I want to do, and will still not have enough time.
This is another painting that I have started.  One of three on my easels at the moment.  I wished I painted more quickly to keep up with what is in my head.  There are so many demands on my time, that it can get in the way of what I like best….painting.  I have lots of people tell me “you should paint more”  then follow it up with something that they really need to have me do.  Guess I am just going to have to get mean and say NO.
I like to set myself a challenge with each painting I do.  Have something in it that stretches my abilities.  This one is light and transparency of leaves, and have it look real.  It is getting there, but cartoonism is starting to creep in and I have to kill that.  I’ll get it, but it may take a bit of thinking on the best way to avoid the cartoon bit.
All the best till next time.
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

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