“Morning Silhouette” – 12×21 acrylic

This is the latest off of the easel.  I know some will say that it is only a photo effect where you get a silhouette, but when you look into water with bright morning light bouncing off and dazzling the eyes, you really do only see silhouettes.  This is just a rough photo of the piece but you get the idea.  The challenge of it was to have minimal obvious subject matter, but still make the background interesting.  In this case make the water look soothing and calming.
It will appeal to some and not to others.  Like any other work.  This was at low tide and there were tiny bits of sand showing through the water.  Red sand in this case, as we were in PEI.  The bird in the back was actually standing on one of these peeps of sand.  They are actually Greater Yellowlegs and were wading around in the water looking for breakfast.  Nice view to see first thing in the morning!
Till next time.

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